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ServiceScape Scholarship 2023


Are you enrolled or about to enroll in a college, university, or trade school? Are you looking for a little extra help in funding your education to cover expenses that other scholarships and financial aid don’t cover?

If your answer is “yes,” we have a solution that could help out with books, supplies, or anything else you need to cover your educational expenses. Apply now to our 2023 Scholarship, which will be in the amount of $1,000.00 USD to be paid toward the educational certification/degree program of your choice. The chosen topic is as follows: How does writing impact today’s world? Think about it, write about it, and let us know your thoughts.

To apply for the ServiceScape Scholarship, all scholarship applicants should fill out the application form and submit a 300 word essay on this topic. Rules and exclusions apply.

فرصة للطلاب من كل التخصصات للحصول على تمويل بقيمة 1000 دولار تقريبا 3100 دينار تونسي

فما مؤسسة اسمها ServiceScape تعطي منح للمتقدمين من جميع الجنسيات بقيمة ألف دولار للمساعدة في تعليمهم سواء لشراء كتب أو أي غرض آخر متعلق بتعليمك.

سواء كنت طالب في جامعة او في مدرسة تدريب مهني، وعمرك أكثر من 18 عام فانت تنجم تقدم 🙂

✅ ما فماش أوراق مطلوبة في نموذج التقديم.

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